SONJA BURROWS, PhD | Portfolio

Assessment Director | Summer Language Academies

Description: As part of their participation in the Summer Language Academies through Middlebury Interactive Languages and K12 Inc, students in grades 8-12 complete language assessments for both placement as well as a pre-post measurement of growth and learning. The assessment used for these purposes is an online, computer adaptive assessment tool called STAMP (STAndards-based Measure of Proficiency) produced and supported by Avant Assessment. As Assessment Director, Sonja Burrows coordinated the assessment process from start to finish, beginning with a collaboration with Avant and including logistics communications with student families, the collection and analysis of assessment data, the creation of an internal rubric for language placement based on that data, and finally the generation of growth reports for each student at the close of the Summer Language Academies.

Training and Reporting: In addition to coordinating the STAMP process, Sonja Burrows created and implemented a training for test proctors at the Summer Language Academies. The training was delivered in a hybrid capacity, serving both on-ground as well as virtual participants preparing to proctor the assessment during the Summer Language Academies. At the close of the academies, Sonja coordinated an effort to generate personalized growth reports for each student as well as a report created to evaluate the overall efficacy of the language program so as to provide data for needed improvements in curriculum and instruction.

Sonja Burrows coordinated this effort as part of her work at Middlebury Interactive Languages. Please send a message to request more information about this work.


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