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ELL Assessment Administration Training | Middlebury Interactive Languages

WIDA: The WIDA MODEL (Measure of Developing English Language) is a suite of English language proficiency assessments for K-12 students used to measure growth during the ELL Language Academies at Middlebury Interactive Languages. WIDA is housed within the Wisconsin Center for Education Research at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Training: Sonja Burrows designed and implemented a virtual training for Language Academy teachers to learn to administer the WIDA MODEL as a measure of growth for individual learners attending the immersive ELL language program. The WIDA MODEL administration training consisted of an online webinar created to orient and train teachers assigned to administer the test to students in a pre-post assessment environment. As an adaptive, paper-based assessment administered in person, the WIDA MODEL requires a thorough, in-depth familiarity with the assessment as well as responses to student input as part of the adaptive testing process. Thus, the training requires mastery of understanding for all teachers and administrators. As a result of the training, teachers at the ELL Language Academies successfully administered the MODEL both before and after the program, enabling meaningful proficiency data to be used as an evaluation of student growth as well as of program efficacy.

Sonja Burrows created this training as part of her work with Middlebury Interactive Languages. Please send a message to request more information about this work.


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