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ELL Digital Curriculum | Online English Language Learning

Project Description: This collection of online ELL courses developed by Middlebury Interactive Languages is designed for student learners of English enrolled in K-12 public schools who need English language learning support beyond the standard offerings of their regular classroom instruction. The courses are designed to meet the specific learning needs of ELL students based on age, grade, and English proficiency level. The curriculum features project-based, contextualized lessons with clearly defined learning outcomes for both students and teachers. The modules can be completed in a self-study capacity, or supported by instruction from a live teacher.

Design: Notable features include flexible ELL lessons developed to meet grade-specific Common Core requirements with focus and support for project-based, task-based learning that honors the circumstances and unique experiences of ELL students in K-12 grades in the United States. A particular highlight of the collection is a course successfully designed for entry-level learners with little or no background in English as well as low or no proficiency in their native language. Through communicative visuals, audio support and literacy support, this course guides entry-level learners through their first steps along the English language-learning journey.

Role: Sonja Burrows served various leadership and support roles in the development and management of the ELL digital curriculum at Middlebury Interactive Languages. Early in the development process, Sonja co-created the initial learning design as lead curriculum writer. She also served as content manager for course development, ensuring the successful and timely production of quality learning materials from the content development team. As content manager and course writer, Sonja worked closely and collaborated on an ongoing basis with curriculum writers, media specialists, project managers and course builders at Middlebury Interactive Languages where the ELL digital curricula were initially developed.

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